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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Changes at Red Rock

Having decided to not continue on we took the right hand fork in the road towards the town of Mojave.  We stopped at Red Rock State Park my usual place for a stop-over when going or coming back from the southern deserts of California.  I was kind of surprised to find no one else there. Cool!

The Park Service went and converted my favorite spot into a handicap access campsite now.  Bummer.

Up ahead is a walk-in campsite then next is the site
 we always used when we tent camped which was many years ago.

 This is our old tent camp spot.  Lots of good rock scrambling for the kids.

So I backed up one spot and it now will become our new favorite camp spot at Red Rock Canyon.


  1. Thats a totally different campsite then the ones I know from childhood in europe. A few weeks ago you mentioned a row of mushroom photo's because you was out of subjects but still seen not a single one. Nice.

  2. That looks very inviting to stay there but not much shadow for camping, must be rather hot there I suppose.

  3. It looks pretty desolate to me....lots of sand for Sinbad!

  4. such rugged and rather desolate terrain! :)

  5. Hi John,
    Glad to see the bike on the back on the vehicle. May be you had it there always and I wasn't paying attention...
    The rocks look good enough for kids and adults.

    Have a Beautiful Day!

    Peace :)


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