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Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Scossa Brothers

This "trailer" was setting off to the side of the cabin, perhaps for the hired hand at one time?

A zoom-in of another shot so you can better see the trailer itself.  
Pick this up and place it in the desert someplace and I'd call it home.

 Yesterday's green door was on the side of the cabin.  This was their front door.

I love the screen door latch.  How many times had it been turned is a wonder.

 It is not apparent at first but to the right of the door...do you see it?  This is where they shaved each day with the morning light reflecting off the mirror onto their face, a small rack to hang a towel or wash cloth, a water basin sitting on the shelf to their right.  Any idea why they would want the shelf canted on an angle like that?

I re-inserted a photo from the other day so you can once again see the front in it's entirety.
I took no pictures around back for it was heavily shadowed and just a plain blank wall.

I Googled the Scossa brothers and came up with this short history about them.
Click here.  Seeing where they were from no wonder why they got along just fine living here.


s.c said...

Great pics again.Have still to read the story.

biebkriebels said...

All the way from Switzerland, many Europeans have made the big crossing oversea in the past centuries. Nice story about the shaving outside at the door

Linda Kay said...

You were really checking this out to notice the shaving mirror. Very interesting post.

TexWisGirl said...

4 brothers living their american dream. neat.

Jeanne said...

That was interesting.

RedPat said...

This was a great set of pics!

Randy said...

That is wonderful.

Karen said...

What a pretty pretty setting for those rugged lives. Such an interesting and inspiring post, John. Thanks for sharing your journeys. (btw, could the shelf be cantered in order to shed water? my guess)