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Friday, January 30, 2015

Crashed Spacecraft in Oklahoma

From the archives - 2012

Years back a cement truck overturned on this Oklahoma country road.  The cement hardened and at the time they were able to remove everything but the mixer.  Local artists got a bright idea and here it remains to this day.  Yep, we travel the country in search of oddities like this.

You can see the addition of hoses and funnel cones for the "thrusters".

Well done I say.


  1. Great idea. But still I prefer to get rid of rubbish along the road but understand that the concrete was a to heavy problem for a preferable solution.

  2. I bet that surprises and scares a LOT of people! :)

  3. How funny. I'll be there are lots of bloggers who would stop by and get a picture of this Tom.

  4. They just told you it was a cement mixer, government cover up. It's a real space ship!

  5. Totally awesome! I love searching across the open road too!

  6. people are so dang funny and creative! love this!

  7. Oh, gosh, this is wonderful!!! We search out oddities, too.

  8. This is good work and a great fine, John!
    Thanks for bringing it to all of us.
    Have a Nice Day!
    Peace :)


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