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Monday, January 26, 2015

Lets Time Travel

Well with all those mushrooms over and done with I am out of material.  My camera has just been sitting.  So I thought I'd fire up the Wayback Machine and show some photos of places and things from our travels in the past.

This is our first motor home and it was lots of fun despite it's issues and old age.
This was in 2006 and the next year we bought the Little House on the Highway.
The Box as we called it is now retired on a ranch up in Mendocino County north of us.

Sinbad loves the desert sand.  Boy, that cat has been to a lot of places and put in a lot of miles on the road since when that picture was taken.  He's doing well still.  I never dreamed he'd see 2015.  I can only think this special diet he is on must be working for him.

On watch.


  1. Such pretty photo's of sweet Sinbad. Glad to hear he is doing well. So great you always took him with you on your travels and he enjoyed it so much. He is totaly at ease in the house on wheels. You mostly don't see so much cats on holidays around.

  2. oh, sinbad is so beautiful! so glad he's hanging in there!

  3. Loved all the photos of Sinbad--how old is he? I had a kitty live till he was 17...still miss him. Read about him: http://picsandpiecing.blogspot.com/2010/02/original-cougar-geese-and-strip.html

  4. Great shots of sinbad. i also likes your old motorhome. The first experience is always the best in these cases. How nice his or her succesor may be. The strongest impression is the first one.

  5. I'm glad Sinbad is feeling good!

  6. I'm happy Sinbad is doing well. give him a hug for me.

  7. Love the photos of your little buddy.

  8. thank you for sharing that kitties can travel happily....ours did ride on the boat we lived on with her.

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  9. Hi John,
    Good Luck to y'all and Sinbad! He is a beautiful kitty.
    Peace :)

  10. Glad to hear Sinbad is feeling good. He is such a handsome guy!

  11. Sinbad looks like a really young cat.... some of them are just amazing aren't they? I had one til she was 22 and her daughter was 21 .....

    Keep on keeping on .. hugs, to both of you....... love to come here and see your great photos and read all the fun stuff .....


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