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Friday, January 9, 2015

Mushrooms 5

This one reminded me of a ballerina's tutu.

These, although my camera really didn't pick up on the golden brown color, I called pancake mushrooms.  They looked like just fresh off the griddle. Add some maple syrup and enjoy.

I think I ate a soup at a Chinese restaurant one time that had something 
looking like these floating in it.  Won-ton soup?
The delicate thin edges, maybe a jellyfish of some sort?


  1. We learn a lot of your posts, I will never look the same way at mushrooms now, a tutu, a jellyfish!

  2. Yes it is very convenient to describe the shape in a recognizable equation. Only finding one is always a bit trouble. Very nice.

  3. You do find some of the most photogenic mushrooms!

  4. Boy, you've had a great run of mushroom sightings recently!

  5. yup, i always crave maple syrup when i see photos of the pancake ones, too. :)

  6. You are right those last ones look like Won Ton for soup. (my favorite soup)
    Love the damp earthy feeling of the fungus shots.

  7. I can't believe you have found so many mushrooms!

  8. That first one does look like a tutu.

  9. John,
    These are very pretty.
    Have a Beautiful Day!!
    Peace :)


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