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Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Longest Straight Road in America

From the Archives - Oklahoma, 2012

Laying claim to having the longest absolutely straightest road is always a contest between several states, but it is generally accepted that Hwy 412 east of Guymon, Oklahoma pretty much is it at 47.7 miles.  West of Guymon the highway continues on for 65.5 miles and is just as straight or so it seems.  At any rate, North Dakota's claim of 123 miles for Highway 46 fails for there is a slight kink in it somewhere along the way leaving only 31 miles of perfect straightness thus disqualifying it.  
To me, I don't care.  I love roads like this however long and straight they are doesn't really matter.  And no, I don't get bored either.


  1. It is a nice photo to look at the far horizon, I can disappear in it.

  2. It is to long and to straight for me. Don't hope to fell in sleep behind the steering wheel.

  3. You really can see for miles and miles!

  4. If you come to Texas Hill Country, you will be hard pressed to find any road that is longer than a couple of miles in a straight line. It's fun to drive through the hills.

  5. makes me sing, 'on the road again!' :)

  6. Oh wow what an incredible cool fact and a breathtaking photograph!


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