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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Other Side of the Road

From the Archives - Arkansas 2012

This is one of those things that I drove way too far in on a way not-so-good road to see and then once I was there I was thinking this was a dumb thing to come to see. 
 The guy was a Harley guy and he had hung Japanese motorcycles in his tree, 
making his personal statement of sorts.

But his neighbor across the road provided a nice scene to photograph at least which made the ordeal somewhat worthwhile.


  1. How dit he get those heavy motorcycles up there! Poor tree.

  2. Hmmm, Seems like odd decorations. It would be interesting to know why he did it.. At least you traveled there on a beautiful day,

  3. Still a tree growing motorcycles is a speciality. I always had a Honda from 50 tot 500 cc and never had a complaint. The only one was that the dutch weather is not typical motor friendly but that had nothing to do with the brand.

  4. I think it was definitely worthwhile to get those photos. That barn is great!

  5. laughing at the weirdo. :) but love the barn scene! there's a barn meme started up by amy b. - the barn collective. you should join in with this one.

    www.rosestreetreflections.blogspot.com/ (hope i remembered that right!)

  6. Glad you made the drive in. I think my favorite shots are of the motorcycle tree. Unusual and quirky, to say the least!

  7. Nice shots. There are many beautiful places in Arkansas.

  8. A friend of mine had a note left on his motorbike. The note is now framed in his kitchen. It reads as follows:
    "Dear Sir, Would you please not leave your JAPANESE motor bicycle parked outside my residence. PS while writing this I have missed a programme on television which I particularly wanted to see."

  9. I don't think it was so dumb. I search for things of interest on Google maps. When I get to the location I find that what ever I was looking for in no longer there. Now that's dumb.


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