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Thursday, June 25, 2015

At Bodie

If you like taking pictures of old weathered wood, Bodie is the place to go.

I like these curtains.

I see you...

do you see me?

The Park rangers live on site at Bodie due to it's remoteness 
and to be able to keep an eye on things during the hours the Park is closed. 


  1. How many miles that wood must have traveled for those cabins because there is no tree in sight here.

  2. Nice view at the wood and a that sneeky view under the curtain you captured very well.

  3. glad someone is feeding that kitty!

  4. Bodie is a place where one can always find something interesting to shoot.

  5. I really want to visit Bodie some time. It's right down my alley!! Great photos.

  6. Fabulous images! I would love to visit this place.

  7. Looks like one of them towns from a Western.
    Great snaps, John!
    Have a Wonderful Day!
    Peace :)

  8. Oh, yest I seen him. What a life he must have. I would definitely have fun shooting there!

  9. I would dearly love to take my camera to Bodie. Your photos make it seem very appealing!

  10. Your picture takes look like from a Hollywood movie. Love them all.


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