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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Just Lean on Me

Some of the buildings at Bodie need a little help.


  1. Nice sense, "need a little help", that is an understatement!

  2. The first one looks like a wood saw and the second one well a bit to much use of the privy. This place is really worth a visit.

  3. msn.com had a feature of 'abandoned places around the world' and bodie was their cover shot. :)

    1. that was up yesterday and i thought of you, of course.

  4. Oh my, things have fallen a lot more than when we were last there.
    Bodie is one of my most favorite places to visit. I love the abandoned, rusty, grungy feel.

  5. I've heard of people tipping over outhouses but this is permanently tilted. :))


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