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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The General Store

I imagine items were very expensive having had to be hauled in from great distances.

Notice what looks like new sled runners.

Imagine being a woman and admiring the fancy dress in the display window
 knowing you could never afford to buy it.  But still, everyday you walk by the store just to dream.

You cannot go inside most of the buildings in Bodie, including the store.
Just look through the windows.


  1. Funny that the store still contains merchandise or is it brought back on a later stadium as educational means for the visitors of today.

  2. Even through the windows you can have an impression how life must have been there. So strange they left everything behind after closing the shops.

  3. Just looked through the last few posts, what an amazing place to go and visit.

  4. You found some great finds through these windows.

  5. How I would love to be there to look!

  6. in this day of instant gratification, on-line shopping, etc., it's hard to imagine the old ways.

  7. Unique and I like the phone on the wall.
    Have a Beautiful Day, John!!
    Peace :)

  8. That #1 picture looks like what this general store in my area looked liked and new owners made into an Art Hive.. Have a look. www.thearthive.com

    It has Wood art, Metal art. Exhibitions by artists.

  9. You can see quite a lot through the windows.


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