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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Bodie Schoolhouse

The schoolhouse is one of the few buildings in Bodie that withstood the weather, fires, the passage of time and general neglect quite well.

The rest of these pictures were a challenge to get shooting through dusty windows and trying to eliminate reflection and glare from the sun.  The best way to overcome all of that was setting the end of the lens flush to the glass and hope for the best.

Nice to see they had a music program.

In Bodie you learned skills that would serve you well as an adult.  Bodie was a mining town so the boys learned about mining.  (I',m just making this stuff up so don't pay attention to me)

  A 100 years ago global warming was not a concern.  Today at the Bodie schoolhouse we can see the effects of global warming 100 years from now on the globe setting right next to the window getting baked by the sun every day.  
The Bodie school environmental science program was way ahead of its time.

I couldn't help but think that the front part of the school room was "staged" what with the chalk writing still on the blackboards.  
If you click on the picture you should be able to read everything there is to read.

If I were a student in the Bodie school I'd be watching that clock.  
I did a lot of clock-watching in school.


  1. Thanks for sharing them!

  2. Probably staged but still enlightening to see, John. The desks look uncomfortable...just like the ones I remember. And I also remember making book covers out of brown paper bags. I guess kids had been doing that even before my time in school.

  3. There are many things about attending school back in those days that would make you watch the clock. Great shots.

  4. Thanks for showing us the inside of the school. Looks like years since anyone been inside. Great shots!

  5. I remember having that kind of desk! Love the globe.

  6. no doubt, some staging involved, but still cool.

  7. 6 - 3 = 2 No wonder it's a ghost town.

  8. I am impressed with the condition of the school.

  9. I so enjoyed seeing this place....glad you managed to shoot the inside shots.

  10. I did like my school time very much and can't remember we had a clock in our classroom. Only a bell ringing when school time was over. This gives a nice impression how school was like in those times, not so different as ours. That Globe with your Global warming note, was very funny!


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