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Monday, August 10, 2015

What is This?

 It is a lever that operated the dump on the back of this truck.  Or perhaps it operated a winch which would pull the mining car full of ore up on the back.  Not really sure how it worked.

I cannot begin to imagine driving this beast.

If you didn't notice the wood spoke front wheels in the above photo, here is a detail of the rear wheel.

All that plant life is sage and is very fragrant in the spring.


  1. Over a million year people excavating the grounds here think they have discovered a new type of dinosaur.

  2. That first photo made me smile, glad you explained what I (had to) see! Those are very rusty remains of a truck, resting in the ever growing green.

  3. Looks like it is completely mired in the sand or dirt. Pretty mean machine!

  4. The wooden spokes are kind of scary but I guess they must have been sturdy enough for travel over rough roads in a vehicle that probably didn't travel all that fast. I do love the rust!!

  5. Catching up John... your last few posts are amazing...

  6. Holy cow! Wooden spokes! It's been a look time since I've seen a car with them. It's had to believe that people left all this stuff behind.

  7. What a great old place - really is a splendid location.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    PS: you are not wrong about Brighton not being much of a wilderness area!


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