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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Bodie Hotel Outside Looking In

The main room which included the dining area.  
Looking from the right over to the left through the windows.
Note the old canteen and the bar in back.

That cockeyed blackboard on the back wall reads: Today's Special. Something and onions.  I cannot make out the first word.  It may be liver.  I like liver and onions.  "I'll have the Special, ma'am."

Notice that fancy undercarriage for the pool table.

I'll sit at the kid's table too.


  1. Those are awesome shots, John. Preserved in history.

  2. The pool table looks very heavy, not easy to move. And I love the textured walls.

  3. Wonderful to see the inside, thanks for sharing!

  4. Very nice and telephone already. I like it.


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