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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

One Last Bodie Car

What is so unusual about this car, what's left of it, is the fact that the motor is still in it.
Many of the vehicles there have had the motor removed to serve some other purpose.

Only reason I took this photo is I am a inline six cylinder fan.  I had owned more cars with 6 cylinder engines than those with a different engine design...I think.  I'm not going to try and figure out if I am right on that or not.  Too many cars in my lifespan.  The valve cover looks as if it has been polished.  Maybe so with numerous visitors rubbing their hands across it. 


  1. Going to have a hard job getting that one a runner again

  2. The modern skeletons in the desert. A bit different than a skelet of a cow but not so different.

  3. Men and cars, an inevitable combination.....

  4. bet you ran your hand across it, too. :) i would have.

  5. You can find the coolest things to photograph of anyone I know. You are amazing. This is so cool. Bud has not ever started using the blog. All of his pictures go up on Facebook and there are hundreds of them. Just put in Buddy Johnson in the search bar and you can see all the running and photography he is enjoying. He only shoots with his iPhone 6 but some of his captures are pretty amazing. All of his runs are included.

  6. Well, you really got my curiosity up about Bodie so I hit the internet to research it. What a fabulous site. I loved the picture of the old sawmill and the Clifford (I think that was the name) Bell house. I am going to have to put my mystery down tonight and read more. The site is FULL of fascinating information. You are visiting a really neat place, you lucky guy you! Will go back thru your older posts to see more of what you have seen.


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