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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Scenes of Life in Bodie

This is one of the better if not best homes at Bodie.  I cannot help but to think it was staged nevertheless it was done so years ago.  Just look at that dust. 
All the rooms were wired off so people could not go inside.  That is why they look so undisturbed. 

My guess this was a child's bedroom complete with radio to lull the kid to sleep.

My dream kitchen in my dream house in the desert somewhere.

Silly tourists!  Throw some of that stuff my way if you don't want it.
Notice the sewing machine.

This is one of my favorite scenes I took that day in Bodie.
  I've always meant to get my pen and ink set out and draw this but...  

And Theresa of Round*A*Ranch, if you read the above, I know, I know.  You don't have to tell me.


  1. Great photo's of a kind of memory lane long forgotten. Real beauties here.

  2. That is a great impression of how people lived there.

  3. Do tourists throw cash on the bed like a wishing well? I saw that and thought it was fake and staged because people used to hide money in the mattress, but then I saw your caption.

  4. The chaise is really looking a bit worn. Not sure anyone could relax on that. Great photos again.

  5. yup, i thought it. then caught your note. ha! definitely the kitchen looked staged w/ the baking stuff.

  6. This place seems to be full of great photo opportunities!

    Cheers - Stewart Melbourne

  7. I like the big ol' axe sitting there so the little woman could chop some kindling to get the damn stove going ...ahahhahahahha ... oh, boy people have no idea of how good we have it now. Just touch the thermostat...... sigh.....

  8. Wonderful captures of moments in time. The one of the kitchen was probably some woman's dream come true years ago.

  9. Thanks for sharing the interiors. Looks like back in time.


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