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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Bodie Hotel

I'll show some interior shots but first I will sit out here and have a smoke.  Can you imagine the men of Bodie being time-travelled to today's cities and having to go outside to smoke their cigarettes, cigars and pipes?  I remember Old Gold cigarettes.  Wondering if they are still around I did some research and found that they are but are hard to find and there is no advertising done for them by R.J. Reynolds who now owns the brand.  They date back into 1800's when they were sold in 
paper-wrapped bundles. 

No, I don't smoke and never did.


  1. Still standing strong with a little slope to one side. I like it.

  2. Must have been a smoky place inside. I remember it was everywhere also in my youth, a father with a pipe or cigar at home. Smoke was in the office where I worked, a husband with also a pipe, so I even started to smoke cigarettes myself too. But I stopped long ago and my husband too.

  3. What an awesome old building with a history that might be unbelievable. You should write a story for my meme!

  4. I cannot imagine going back to smoking being every where...neither of us have ever smoked. But both grew up with it....and Roger will talk about going places with parents and grandparents in the car, all of them smoking and him sick from having to breathe it in...

  5. This building appears to still be in fine condition. I don't remember Old Gold cigarettes, but I never smoked. :)


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