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Monday, September 14, 2015


It was a nice day, the day I was there.  Do notice the low cold for that winter.  I'd be dead.

I was wondering why I took this picture with these people in it.  I usally wait till the scene is clear of people before I click the camera.  These pictures are from 2012 and I didn't think I could remember.

There's that guy again.  Then it came to me.  This guy must have taken a bath in the most offensive men's cologne you could imagine.  I was in that house (previous post) when all of sudden I was struck with this terrible smell.  "What the...?"  I turned around and there was this guy.  My nose burned, my eyes began to water...I am not making this up or embellishing it any.  It was all I could do to squeeze past this guy in the hallway, without touching him, all the while holding my breath.  He was some European tourist.  Why?  Seems like European men go for this over indulgence of foo-foo juice.  The lady above was not with him.  He was alone as far as I could tell.


  1. Not all European men!

    That is cold.

    cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  2. It gives scale to on otherwise bit abstract feeling and yes the temperatures are to cold for me too.

  3. When there is no woman on his side, he uses the wrong smell, otherwise he would have changed the smell I think. Didn't know American men don't use aftershave, only European? The temperatures are freezing there in winter.

  4. Now imagine that anyone wearing any bit of fragrance at all smells that strong to you and you have a peek in to my life. I can't bear to be in crowded places, have to often change seats before the movie starts and even asked my two seatmates on the plane if they were wearing any before they sat down! This is why we camp and rv mainly, to avoid fragrances and air freshener.

  5. I have friends who are terrible allergic to perfumes, so my hubby and I have abandoned any habit of wearing smelly stuff.

  6. Those temps are too cold for everyone!

  7. Too cold for me. Nice to see some folks in your images.


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