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Monday, October 12, 2015

Problem with Blogger

I have this video to post and for some reason when I click on the "My You Tube Videos" link in the video upload window, it says "No Videos Found".  I've never had this problem before.  It must be some settings issue with Blogger, You Tube, Google Chrome, the NSA, CIA or something.  If anyone has any ideas or suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.

I found a way around the problem but the quality of the video suffered greatly.  Well to be honest, it wasn't that great to begin with what being zoomed in to the max and the heat waves shimmering in the meadow.  I'll leave it here anyway for some my enjoy seeing a coyote taking leave when I stumbled into his domain.

Still, if I could access my You Tube Channel through Blogger it would be much better to view.


  1. I like the video very much, you captured the coyote very well! It is a lonely wolf running there.

  2. Great that you had the opportunity to capture this creature on your video!

  3. Wonderful that you were able to capture this animal from afar.

  4. he wasn't too terribly worried about you. my videos always suffer in quality when i load them to youtube, then to blogger. i've loaded the last couple directly to my blog to avoid distortion.

    anyway, re: the 'no videos found' the only thought i have is google thinks you have more than one youtube acct (i had that happen with me once. i actually did set up 2 youtube accts - well, i've used 2 diff emails over the years on google/blogger/youtube. anyway, i had to get it to go find the other one that i had videos loaded to - i think i clicked on my texwisgirl pic in the upper right corner and then it showed two accts avail. and i selected the other. not sure if this will apply AT ALL to you, but thought i'd pass it on.)

  5. I just embed from YouTube and copy and paste...

  6. I've noticed that such things often fix themselves if one comes back later.....



  7. I love the way he runs a little and then turns around to see if your are still there. And then he does it all over again. The video turned out ok. Enjoyed it. Have put up two posts about Bud’s big runs this weekend. He ran a marathon and a half marathon. Check out the quote. I loved it. genie

  8. Nice capture of the coyote. Thanks for sharing. Youtube can be frustrating, but it is an amazing tool. I think this turned out well, however you managed it.


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