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Monday, November 30, 2015

Big Trees

In the forest where I hike often there are these two trees that are different from all the rest of the trees in the forest.  And they are huge.  I don't know exactly what kind of tree they are.  Maybe they are just really old while all the others are younger by comparison.  You cannot tell by these pictures but the limbs of these two trees are as big as the main trunks of most the other trees in the forest.

Tree number one.

The striking feature is how the branches begin so close to the ground.

Looking up tree number two.
 Even way up there the branches are big.


  1. No it becomes time to know what kind of trees it are. Interesting John.

  2. A strange tree indeed, produces many branches every year it seems.

  3. Always like big trees! Some sort of Spruce or Fir?

  4. Very unusual tree, John. The branches extending out so straight from the trunk is curious.

  5. Can you imagine being a kid with that tree? I would have been going for the top! Of course, it would probably be harder than it looks...wish there was something beside it to give a feel for the size.

  6. Interesting how many limbs grow out at the the same level and look like spokes of a wheel from underneath,

  7. Magnificent trees. They really are big. Your last shot, though, is awesome. So beautiful with the light as it is.


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