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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Long Ago Fire

Going back to the scene of the chicken and the rock, notice how the redwoods behind are fire scarred.

It is the redwoods alone that are fire damaged.  All the rest of the forest including oaks, bay trees, madrone, everything is all untouched.  I am unable to find any history of fire in the park so my guess is it is ancient history occurring before the area was settled. 

A tree party!  
A grouping like this is when the mother tree has long since died and new growth has sprung from the root system left behind.  You can just barely make out what is left from the original tree inside the circle of its offspring.


  1. And still full of life, I suppose.

  2. The redwoods are very impressive and nice they made so much offspring.

  3. I love Redwoods. they are so regal. Great capture of the new growth.

  4. I love Redwoods. they are so regal. Great capture of the new growth.

  5. What a strange chicken shrine! You don't have to look very far for signs of fire in our woodlands - in fact they are important to the ecology of gum trees - just like redwoods I think.

    cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    PS: Can organise a quiz if you are really, really keen!

  6. I saw some examples of this out west with my son...it is really interesting how it works. It boggle my mind that only the redwoods burned and none of the other trees.


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