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Friday, December 4, 2015

#$%@! Blogger!!

Once again I am having trouble placing a video in a blog post.  I spent most of yesterday trying to solve the problem which in itself led on to additional issues with Google accounts, YouTube, Blogger, Google+,  (just insert any other service or rather disservice here Google can throw at you).

In an unrelated problem, a couple days ago I all of a sudden had no sound in a different video I was working on.  The solution to this issue was discovered through a YouTube video.  Don't you just love it when some ten-year-old on YouTube guides you through the steps to fix some computer issue?

So instead, here's an old picture of my now old cat when he was younger and healthier.


  1. Yes Blogger has its mysterious problems sometimes. I read an issue on a blog about not be able to read your followers when you click on the photos seen at the "Members" in the right sidebar. If you want to see who your new follower is the whole thing disappears, kind of sensorship? But Sinbad doesn't have those problems, just looking lovely at us.

  2. I love the freckles on his nose. Sinbad, the adorable traveling kitty.

  3. Sinbad is a sweetie.

    I once played Silk Road... online....... a fun game..... and, was rescued by a 12 year old.... his first question?...how old was I. I told him it was not polite to ask a lady her age and he apologized profusely. He lived in Budapest... and was very polite.
    We walked hand in hand through many levels of Silk Road... me old enough to be his grandma...he never did know how old I was although I confessed to being older than his Mom... and, we had some great times. We rescued each other an fought many a courageous battle....
    Some days I think I should download it to my new computer and go back to see if my character is still waiting for me .. to reactivate her.... and, my poor young wolf....I should give it to somebody else to raise.... it must still be sitting there also.....

  4. Sweet photo of a younger Sinbad. Sorry about Blogger causing you problems, John!

  5. So in English, what kind of blogger is this?

  6. I'm laughing with you, not at you. I can so relate!

  7. He was a cutie pie when he was young, and he is still a cutie pie. Trouble says HELLO.


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