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Friday, December 4, 2015

I Give Up

I am still unable to insert a video on my blog and there isn't a ten-year-old on YouTube to show me what is wrong.  Or at least I haven't located his or her video on YouTube yet.

This video wasn't really anymore than an exercise for me.  I was just practice using the tools in the video processing program.  This video was all using still photographs.  No moving pictures.  I wasn't intending to put it on here but then decided I may as well in case someone out there had four and a half minutes to kill.

Click on Video and hopefully it will take you my YouTube channel.


Cloudia said...

What I do is when I'm creating a post, I switch to HTML and insert the video 'embed' link at the end. Good luck



s.c said...

That video road works. Get a good idea of your trails and the rough terrain you have to encounter. I only wonder who came up with those benches along some points. It takes away a bit of the roughness but you still found proof of mountain lions, nice.

biebkriebels said...

A slideshow will do as well.

trav4adventures said...

Gosh, all of my YouTube videos are with photographs. I've done several of them...Do it on Windows Movie whatever...I just copy the YouTube addy and paste it on my blog as a link. Maybe that isn't what you wanted?

When our son was 10, I had to ask him how to turn on the computer! Now he's a computer analyst! :-)

trav4adventures said...

Okay, this one is NOT on You Tube...it's the latest one I put together. I copied it directly from "movies" on my computer, to my blog, uploaded it, and it seems to be working...I wish I could help you more. Keep trying!
~~Cheryl Ann~~

Rose said...

Are you going down and clicking on the 'Share' Button...then click on 'Embed' and then copy and paste the html to your blog...and when you do make sure you put it in on the html tab?