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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

More From West Texas 2011

People think I am nuts when I tell them how I enjoy driving the Great Plains states when there is nothing to see on the flat lands but acre upon acre of corn fields and wheat fields.  "Boring!"  
So I never say much to anyone about how much I enjoy driving west Texas.
Yeah, this scenery goes on for day long.

Occasionally there is some point of interest.

 A drive-up window at a liquor store.  What a wonderful state Texas is.


  1. That would be a taste sensation I think!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  2. And you also have no traffic whatsoever on those roads. Very restful.

  3. The flat landscape looks familiar to our country, but here it is never so empty as your plains. I like the empty spaces, it is very impressive, you can feel like you are the only one passing there.

  4. You would think after driving all day you would want to get out of the car for a rest rather than a drive in. The only plce I know that is flat like that in the UK is the Fens

  5. laughing at diesel fried chicken. :)

  6. I am laughing at the name El Cheapo....

  7. Well, you do find great photo opportunities there, that's for sure! Not boring at all!

  8. Buddy and U certainly do not think you are nuts. We drive back roads - that’s all we have around here - over and over again seeing new thing every time. Now, Diesel fried chicken is interesting. Bet it would clean you out. You never miss a good find


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