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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

White Turkey

Seen on my walk in the park yesterday.
There must have been 50 or more wild turkeys in this herd.

I waited for Whitey to cross the road which he did so very rapidly.
I suppose there would be no dark meat on this turkey.


  1. That you have them in the wild is great. Occasionally I see sometimes one on a farm but in the wild never.

  2. They all escaped the Christmas diner table and I should also run away for you!

  3. We had a flock of about 20 roaming our old neighborhood. They like eating grubs in the lawns around there. Would see them more often in the fall and winter months than any other time of the year. Always fun to see.

  4. Wonderful to see them running wild John... just farmed over here.

  5. You're funny--not dark meat--LOL

  6. I hope Mama treats her as well as the rest of her children especially when she does not have any dark meat. You are a hoot. You were right. I REFUSE to grow old...I will always be a kid at heart even if snow in my face is not a nice feeling.


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