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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Bunny Play

I was intently trying to follow cat tracks left in the muddy trail and never noticed the two rabbits just ahead of me.  I grabbed a quick shot for usually at this point they would dart away.  
But these two did not.  You can just pick them out in the center, one on each side of what appears to be a log lying on the grass.

I slowly moved in closer and they resumed their frolicking about without a care that I was there. 
Hard to tell in these fast grab shots but the one on the right is airborne with all four feet off the ground.

I first thought I had interrupted some boy/girl action but when one finally ran off to the far brush,

the other sat there and did not chase off after "her".  I think they were just playing and having fun.


  1. Are you sure it are rabbits with those long ears, it could also be hares. And waiting to go on the last moment is their speciality.

  2. So nice you captured them while playing together.

  3. quite pretty with their black-tipped ears!

  4. That's awesome that you saw this, John. Bay Nature magazine is looking for shots of this mating behavior. Let me know if you want more info to make a submission.

  5. Great captures! Love the one in the air.

  6. I love catching animals engaged in their natural behavior.


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