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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Coyote Fever

There is the condition known as Buck Fever where the hunter once spying his deer gets so excited that he forgets to load his gun, shoots too soon or does something stupid that causes him to miss his quarry.
Something similar occurred to me when I encountered this coyote.

I was standing at the edge of this meadow in the shaded area to the right 

when I noticed this coyote coming straight towards me.

He saw me before I saw him and wasn't concerned in the least about my presence.

I slowly got my camera out and took these pictures

and it finally dawned on me...TAKE A MOVIE dummy!  
And there you have coyote fever.

I've seen them from a distance often but never had one this close before.
They really are a pretty animal.


  1. Amazing movie John, well done. They look like dogs but that tail is so different.

  2. Great movie and photo's indeed. Looks also like a fox. Perhaps it was a bit used to people.

  3. They are being spotted in thee ravines right downtown here - cheeky creatures!

  4. Awesome! I am always so thrilled to see one. LOVE that video.

  5. he was totally unconcerned with you - enough to mark his territory and say, 'this is my place!' :)

  6. oh he had to mark his territory they all do creatures. He was not a bit concerned of you. They used to roam where I moved from too.

  7. Great footage with the scent-marking and scratching. It looked like he drank some water at one point, but couldn't say for sure. Nice.

  8. I thought I commented on this post but guess I didn't. The holes in the sieve in my brain are getting larger allowing more gray matter to ooze through...not good. I have never seen a coyote, but Bud has. From your photos they really are beautiful animal. I looked at the video and I am think he might have been taking a whiz and you were invading his privacy. He sure kicked his leg back as if he had :-)

  9. Nice video. Marking ones territory as Tex WisGIrl stated, so true.

  10. Nice video. Marking ones territory as Tex WisGIrl stated, so true.

  11. I often forget about the video feature on my camera too. Fun to watch, thanks for remembering eventually!


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