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Monday, February 29, 2016

False Lake Meadow

The previous post with the coyote was in a different meadow from this one.  
I like this meadow better for few people pass through here.

Here is looking down almost the full length of the meadow.

 Looking back from where I came.  The trail is well worn in from mountain bikes who are NOT supposed to be riding through here.  Fortunately they stick to this track and haven't created a spider web of trails cris-crossing the meadow.

It is green now but for the better part of the year all is brown.  You can see the even brighter green where water settles and a very shallow stream slowly meanders through the meadow.  
This could be the meaning behind the name given False Lake.

It is so peaceful and quiet here you can hear the birds
in the oak trees on the far side doing whatever it is birds like to do.

Whoa!  This is what happens when you accidentally push the shutter release on your camera.


  1. Nice looking place - glad to see the bikers at least keep to one path. Reminds me of some the bogs/wetlands in my old stamping ground back in the UK.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  2. Ooops, thought you had fallen down. Such a quiet place, only you and the birds.

  3. Thanks for the "oops"...I have many of those!

  4. I would enjoy this place...sort of like the accident.

  5. An ancient place to wander and connect with your truth

  6. Thought you'd been hit by one of those mountain bikes!

  7. Interesting pictures. I still like the slip of the button.

  8. I would be in old lady's Hog Heaven in this meadow. It would give me some easy hiking. But then I would hit a hill like the one you created when your camera went off at the wrong time...hehehe. It is getting that time of year when I am ready to get out and about if my back will just let me. I have been in bed for days so am way behind in my commenting...but I am catching up today. Hope you and Sinbad are doing OK. g


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