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Sunday, March 27, 2016


The correct parts have arrived, repairs been made and we're on our way!  Yippee!!
I doubt I will be able to post anything on the blog as it is so remote in the Mojave Desert.
We'll see.

This picture is of dropping down into Death Valley on a road trip 5 years ago.
We'll be south of Death Valley on this trip in the Mojave National Preserve.


  1. Wish you a very pleasant and save trip also for your compagnon(s).

  2. Jeehaa, on the road again. Have a nice trip and beware of a sunstroke.

  3. See what happens when you take a break like you are about to do....you lose touch with what your friends are up to. Wow!!! Sounds like vehicle troubles...all fixed now...and off to the Mojave Desert. You lucky dog, you. I am so jealous. I have been drawing like crazy and not taking many photos. I do love the art and I am so appreciate of your supporting me in my unusual style. It is just me, and I am NOT going to change. Right now I have Eloise in the bed beside my trying to sketch and watercolor a dragonfly from my iPad. I am determined to bring out the artiste in her. She will be 11 next week...UGH!!! Have a safe trip and will be anxious to see photos when you return. Oh, Bud ran in a 10 miler off roader Saturday and came in second in his age group and medaled.....hehehhe.....there were only two in his age group. I LOVE IT! Have a great time. genie PS...I posted Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds last night....it has to be one of my favorites I have done so far.

  4. What a picture! It is totally wonderful!

  5. I see you are traveling, how is Sinbad so far?

  6. Have a great trip and look forward to pictures whenever you can post!


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