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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A New Location

We moved northward in the Mojave National Preserve 
and saw this interesting rock outcropping along the way.

Somewhere off in the distance the rain was pouring down.

I thought we might get some of this rain but it blew on away from us.
For most of the time on this trip it was bundle-up weather with a constant wind.

I was walking through a sandy wash and finally came upon some flowering plants.

This plant belongs to the evening-primrose family and has several names: Basket Evening-primrose, Lion-in-a-cage, or Devil's Lantern.  Oh the names taxonomists dream up. 


Billy Blue Eyes said...

Amazing looking outcrop, like some one punched it through the soil. The flowers are little beauties

s.c said...

Not looking like the normally jumping colors of the desert flowers. Stil a nice find.

biebkriebels said...

Amazing pictures of the rock formations and the views over the desert.

Sandi said...


I love the triumphant flower at the end!

Janie said...

The scenery looks surprisingly similar to Utah. We have evening primrose here, too, although the species might be a little different. Lovely photos. It's always interesting to watch a rainstorm blowing in across the desert.

Rose said...

I still on blogbreak, but just checking in. I LOVE the second and third shot! Wonderful feel to them.