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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Desert Debris

A rodent midden.  Little furry creatures gather up all the loose sticks and debris they can to make a safe home for themselves in the rocks.  Imagination how many trips back and forth this was.

This I could only surmise was an old prospector's camp site.  I looked all around for any signs of a mine, a hole in the ground or some type of digging but could not locate it.  

This was a remarkable rock formation but unfortunately my photo doesn't really show it very well.
 This is all one huge piece of granite and all of it beyond the crack was as flat as a pool table.

Here we needed more clouds for a dramatic sunset.


  1. Great set of pictures - remind me go how much I enjoyed being in central Australia - similar scenes.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  2. Indeed what great landscapes. I like them.

  3. Looks like some just threw their old cans away there. Very nice sunset

  4. Interesting journey this morning!

  5. Might also be a cowboy campsite. Instead of a mineshaft you might find cowflops to tell. Wish I was there either way!

  6. Neat surroundings you have at this place. Interesting to explore and I would be pondering the cans myself.

  7. Love to see the desert through your eyes, you see so much details.

  8. animals work hard to 'feather' their nests. :) all the old cans is kinda neat trash.


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