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Sunday, April 17, 2016

It's a Hard Life

Do you see the little plant trying to make a go of it in this hard rocky ground?

It was so well protected among the rocks is probably the only reason it survives
 from being eaten or stepped upon.


  1. Life takes every change its get.

  2. How sweet you spotted this brave one.

  3. Hi John. I've been really enjoying your photos and discussions of the desert plants. Especially nice to know the names of these cacti. Its great to see Sinbad doing so well, too. We just got a small B motorhome and hope to travel with our little, somewhat nervous, Annabelle. She really enjoys car rides, but we'll be heading West, and will be on the road for hours at a time. So, I was wondering about how you've dealt with Sinbad's eating and toilet needs (hope that's delicate enough). Can you share your wisdom?

  4. What a strong little plant growing in hard conditions.

  5. And here endeth a very important sermon of the day, mate!

  6. Great photos of some hardy wildflowers.
    I'm always amazed by the durability of plants in the desert, and their ability to fill almost any niche.


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