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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Mojave National Preserve

We arrived at our destination on the third day.

You mean we're finally here?  I am so excited!

It appeared we were too late as there were hardly any wildflowers
 and the cactus flowers had already bloomed and died back like this Beavertail.

I discovered this small (ping pong ball size) 
Fishhook cactus already with fruit from the two flowers it had produced.

 Finally I found a Hedgehog cactus with flowers.


  1. Shame you missed the fowers, I never realise Cactus flowered till I saw them doing so on our widowsil where we have a few

  2. Pity you were to late for the big flowers but the bright colors keeps me amazing.

  3. Magnificas e belas fotografias.
    Gostei do Blog.
    Um abraço e óptima Quarta-Feira.

  4. It is a miracle that plants even can survive in the desert and bloom as well!

  5. Nice haul of cactus! Those fish hook fruits look like they might be good to eat!

  6. I am always amazed at how beautiful their blooms are!

  7. Love those cactus flowers. We have still some buds that haven't opened on ours, and a big yucca about to bloom as well.

  8. i like the devil horns on that fishhook. :)

  9. Gorgeous flowers! Beautiful kitty!

  10. That little sputnik-looking cactus is called a nipple cactus. We found a patch of them in the Chicago Valley between Shoshone and Pahrump. When the red buds are all over they are one of the oddest things I've ever seen.


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