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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Last of the Car Show

I've always like the black and yellow plates of California.  I see now one can special order them from the DMV much like vanity plates.  I think it would look rather silly on my VW Golf or the motorhome.  

This early 50's Buick proudly displays that it has an eight cyclinder engine.  Only thing is that it is not a V-8 but rather an inline 8.  My love for automobile engines has always been with inline motors. 

Too bad the owner didn't have the hood up.  I read once that General Motors styled these ports on the side of the Buicks after a WW2 fighter plane, I believe the Mustang.

Pure class.  All we see on automobile glass these days are decals placed there by their owner like stick figures of the dad, mom, a bunch of kids, plus the dog and cat.
This was rather difficult to get a picture of what with all the reflections. 


s.c said...

Its in the details again. But very nice ones. I can't get enough of them.

Stewart M said...

Love the details on these old cars - new ones are more efficient and reliable - but do they have any 'personality'?

Cheers (and sorry about the slowness of my visit) - Stewart M - Melbourne

Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed the car show pics. Nothing beats a classic car design. I also like the old black & yellow plates and think they'd look good on any car. (ps - I have a VW Rabbit - just a Golf with a different name)

RedPat said...

I like that window decal!

Karen said...

Love these shots that reflects the background of the shooter. So much enjoyed these posts of the old timey cars.