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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

When Pigs Can Fly

These metal sculptures were at a bar-b-que place in Sonoma I went to last week.  The saying When pigs can fly must have meaning behind why the owner chose this image to represent his bar-b-que joint.  The pigs stood on top of trailers used to cater food around the area.

The meaning behind that saying is "it will never happen".  
Maybe he knows his bar-b-que isn't all that great.  I've had better.


  1. The pigs are very well made which speaks in favor of the owner.

  2. Those pigs are very orinally made, a flying pig, that will seek attention I suppose.

  3. They are rather fierce looking!

  4. Cool pigs, but bar-b-que should always be great.

  5. I love these. I just posted a drawing I did using Photoshop entitled "When Pigs Fly" from the old Flo sitcom at Mel's diner. Mine cannot compete with these. I am still waiting for pigs to fly...how about you??? genie


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