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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Day 35

A couple of weeks ago I met Vince who was camped near where I was.  I am at a new place now.  I was out today riding my bike and thought about going over to check out my old campsite.  Maybe I might move back over there now that most everyone has left.  I rode past Vince's place and he waved at me so I pulled in.  I was curious anyway as to how Fed-Ex was able to deliver a package to him early last week.  Soon Vince told me he had to put his dog down last Sunday.  I was stunned.  The dog, a setter, seemed fine to me.  He said she had a stroke the day after Thanksgiving.  We exchanged stories about pets loved and lost.

I am not into today's post for this news naturally brings Sinbad to my mind.  I miss him more today after sharing in Vince's grief with him.  I am grateful for Sinbad passing away when he did.  I foolishly thought we could do another trip together and to have lost him while out here would have been unimaginable.  My thoughts are with Vince for he still opens the door to his truck waiting for Queenie to jump in, and she's not there.

Sinbad never liked streams, rivers, lakes or the ocean.

I picked him up after this photo was taken and told him it was okay and we walked away. 
I'll always have those memories.


  1. You know, I understand this so thoroughly I've got a broad lump in my throat right now. I miss Sinbad too - and when I shared your grief at his passing, it took me back to losing my sweet Jimmy. It's so hard to say goodbye. I'm thinking of you and Sinbad, John.

  2. Its always surprising when the sweet memories of our friends hits us. Yesterday, I was just glancing at the Christmas tree, and imagined I saw Daisy lying on the tree skirt....made me look again, and wish she were really there. So grateful for the memory, though.


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