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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Day 38

Today I explored more of the Borrego Badlands by a new route which allowed me to get deeper into it.  This time I came in through Inspiration Wash which ended at...Inspiration Point.

Water slowly carves away the mountains and hills in the Badlands.

Can you imagine being on foot and trying to find your way through that maze?

Here you can see the "road" within the wash.  
Four wheel drive required.  I only had one wheel drive.

Tomorrow I say "Good-bye" to Anza Borrego and will head further south 
and camp close to the Great Wall of Mexico.  Not sure how close it is though.
I would like to ride to it and get some pictures for you.


  1. Love your photos. We're in Shoshone and the terrain just south of here looks exactly like the Badlands--a real moonscape. Stay safe.

  2. Barren indeed. I must say that I have trouble with the scale. Nothing to measure it but it look great and wide.

  3. It is a rough area to cross, I am curious to see that "famous" Mexican wall.

  4. Except for the shadow, it looks so dried and desolate. Happy Monday, John.

  5. I wonder if you're allowed to mountain bike in there. I would guess you could go anywhere the 4WD folks go. I've driven in there in a Jeep, but it would be impossible with my current car.


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