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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Day 40

I am now at Pilot Knob situated in the corner of California where it meets the Arizona and Mexico borders.  This is BLM land (Bureau of Land Management).  You can pay $40 and stay here until April.  Anytime after that it is too hot so who would want to be here.  I am on the FREE portion which has a 14 day limit.  That's fine with me.  There's nothing much here to explore so if I make it for 14 days I'll give myself a gold star.  There is only one other guy here and I think that may be because he is broke down.  He's been working on his van all the time I've been here.

A flat featureless landscape.  Off to the left, and I think I can see it, is the Great Wall of Mexico.  Tomorrow I will hike out that way and see if I can illegally enter Mexico.  If no more posts show up on the blog, I made it.  I just didn't make it back over on this side.


  1. And thanks to your little house we get a very good idea of the emptiness of the landscape.

  2. I'd be nervous out there with so few people around.


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