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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Day 41

My attempt to illegally enter Mexico was thwarted by this 1.8 miles into my journey.

The American Canal

Okay.  I wasn't planning on getting wet anyway being not much of a water person.

I saw this neat looking rock.  If I kept every rock I liked I'd being towing a trailer behind me.

Off in the distance to my right I was able to see the Great Wall of Mexico.
I'll get on my bike and try for it another day.

Then I heard explosions, or more like the sound of gunfire over on the Mexico side then plumes of smoke rising.  Someone was having an interesting day.  The "gunfire" went on for several minutes.

I saw another one of these Styrofoam paddleboards at the beginning of my hike and thought that odd to be out in the middle of the desert.  That was before I saw the canal and it made sense. 
Here is board number two I discovered abandoned in a grove of tamarisk.

A plastic garbage bag used to keep clothes and personal items dry when crossing the water.

 A rubber inner tube.

Why would they discard their backpack?

I came across several abandoned water bottles.

Imagine getting this far into America then having to face miles upon miles of this.
Plan your trip in the winter.  You'll die in the summer.


  1. One of the more bad borders in the world. Wonder why the water is dangerous beside that you can expect a bullet there.

  2. The need to come to the US must be great, to risk all the difficulties. Sad views all those remains of the fugitives.

  3. Next you will be coming across some sun bleached bones. Yes interesting day from the look

  4. I see that the sign is in Spanish too in case anyone should be tempted to go back again.

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