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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Day 44

I went back to the sand dunes that prevented me from getting close to the border fence.  I wanted to get some pictures for you that I did not do on that day.  This time I stopped at the edge of them.

It is a tough go to slog through these things believe me.

And they go on and on too.

On my way back I found a leather coat.  Someone got to hot?

Not much further was this woman's shoe.  That is the heel of the shoe lying next to it.  The shoe was quite small so the woman must have been a petite young lady.  I was think though, you are planning to illegally cross the border knowing you have to traverse miles of desert and you wear shoes with high heels?  Just what were you thinking?  Then to throw the shoe away.  Break off the heel on the other shoe and continue on.  Maybe she had a pair of running shoes with her she changed into.

Later I came across a kiddie's play pool.  Now we've seen Styrofoam paddle boards and rubber inner tubes but I thought this pretty smart.  Use this to get across the water.  As I continued on my thoughts kept going back to the plastic wading pool. Then it dawned on me.  You put the little kids that are too young to swim the dangerous waters of the canal in the wading pool and push them across like in a boat.  I bet that or even your food, water and a change of clothing could go in there.

I'll leave you with another sunset photo while you think about it.


Terra said...

A leather jacket! Boots with high heels. This doesn't make any sense for crossing hot sand dunes. Strange.

biebkriebels said...

Those sand patterns are beautiful. Amazing what people leave behind there. A laether jacket you can use when you have left the desert, I think you would need it. But to warm and uneasy to carry on indeed.

John W. Wall said...

Sad that it isn't easier to cross the border legally. Then again, I'm sure it's all very complicated, what goes on down there.