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Monday, December 12, 2016

Day 46

I left camp this morning before my crazy neighbor started in for the day.  Most likely things are continuing on as normal for him.  I crossed over into Arizona and picked up a few items (bread, milk, etc.) as I will be far away from towns and stores for the next few weeks. If I don't post any during that time it is because of poor or no cellphone service,  not because of crazy neighbors, although where I am at now is questionable.  Part of it looks like a homeless encampment.  It is a shame how people trash their public lands.  I walked around but was hesitant to pull out my camera to take pictures.  It's that sketchy and I don't want to attract attention.  Although I can stay here for 14 days, one night will be it for me.  So here's a couple interesting items for the lack of normal photos to display.

The battery died on my kitchen timer.  I went to several stores to buy a replacement and they were either sold out or didn't carry them.  I figured I may as well buy a new timer and so I did.  The new timer, same as the old one only black, cost $1.02 more than if I bought the replacement battery.  
I'll not try to make any sense out of that.

Then there was the hair brush.  I don't have much hair and the stiff nylon bristle brush I had was irritating on my scalp.  I wanted to get a soft brush.  You think they would make soft brushes but all I could find was those hard ones you could also use to scrape paint with.  Then I remembered Sinbad's brush was soft.  Go to a pet store.  I checked at a dollar store first and in the pet section was a soft bristle brush.  $1.08.  Deal of the day.  My head is happy.

Lastly I finished another drawing this time more representative of the area I am in than the last one.  I'll let you in on a secret here.  As I was doing the sign for the Sheriff's office I misspelled it leaving a letter out.  "Arrgh!"  The thing is that the writing goes so slow as you draw that your mind is way ahead of it.  Worse still is this is in ink.  Not like you can take an eraser to it.  But I saved it.


  1. Have a nice trip, you are staying away from home a long time, does you wife agree?

  2. No one will recognize a mispelling! The drawing is inviting and capturing. Love how you did the distant buildings.

    It is funny how it's cheaper to just get a new thing than fix the old one or, almost as cheap as replacing the batteries. Well, funny isn't the right word exactly...

    Get out of that sketchy area! You're scaring me.

  3. I have a rechargeable torch which cost less than a set of non-rechargeable batteries. I think it's because the batteries are made locally while the torch came all the way from China!


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