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Monday, December 19, 2016

Day 53

My plan for today was to ride my bike which normally I would do before lunch.  I thought I would wait until after lunch so it would be warmer.  Unfortunately the wind started up again by then but I'd give it a go anyway.  I bundled up the best I could, got on the bike and went about 100 yards.  "I'll never make it."  I wimped out and came back to camp.  I'm not complaining for if I were home it is colder there, the sun isn't shining and it's raining.  So no hike, no ride, no pictures today.  
I made a hot cup of chicken broth in my travel coffee cup.

There's a long tale regarding the sign on this cup going way back when I was 10 or so years old.  The short version is it was a souvenir trading post on old Route 66 then known as Jackrabbit, Arizona.  You would see these signs of the rabbit as far away as 100 miles, then 50, 40, 30 and then counting down the miles by each and every mile until you finally arrived - HERE IT IS on a huge billboard.

Three years ago on a trip back east I got off the Interstate to follow old Route 66 as much as you can today and to my surprise the old trading post is still there owned by the same family.  All those signs are gone now except for the BIG one at the store.  I bought this cup and a t-shirt.  While writing this I realized I am not that far away.  Maybe I'll go back and see if they have those travel mugs they were out of last time.


  1. John, hopefully nice weather for the holidays. Have a wonderful Christmas day.

  2. Weather is not that good here either, does not help I'm suffering from a cold. I'd love to see Route 66

  3. Wet,windy and cold. Doesn't sound like a desert landscape. Nice story about the cup.

  4. I hope that Jackrabbit lives up to expectations after travelling 100 miles to get there. It would be a long journey on a bike!!!! :)

  5. Nice story about the cup. The weather here is fog and minus zero, not nice to go out either.

  6. I like your story about the cup! It's good the family still owns the place!


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