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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Day 54

Oh Happy Day!

I've been trying to find LED bulbs to replace the hot energy consuming halogen light bulbs in the lights I never use just because of those facts.  I found the bulbs today at a vendor here in Quartzite, Arizona.  After nine years I can now start using these lights. The quest is over. 

The new LED lights are to the right.  The top one I needed two for lights over the bed to read by.
The bottom I needed seven.  These were under the counter lights.

The old ones put out so much heat I think you could fry an egg on the shelf above them.
The over the bed light.

It was good I couldn't ride my bike into town yesterday to search for these as having the RV with me I could test them out to see if they were too bright.  Some LEDs can be really bright.  The bottom one here could be had in "bright" or "warm".  Warm proved to be what I was after.
The under counter accent light.

I am one happy camper!


  1. I replaced nearly all the lights in my house with LEDs earlier this year. So far none have needed replacing - a lot better than the halogen bulbs I had in the kitchen which were forever "pinging".

  2. Those lights are a real invention indeed.

  3. Have been on the lookout for some in our reading lights, too. Great to know they really do exist. thanks, John.


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