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Monday, January 2, 2017

Day 67

One day while hiking I found a deer antler in a wash.  "Now how did that get here?"
The next day I found out while standing on a hill looking down.

I was very surprised (as were they) for I have not seen any signs of deer at any of the places I have been.  No tracks, no poop.

There were 8 deer all total in this group.  
Unfortunately I did not get the big 4 pointer buck in any of the pictures.
He was behind his harem all the time.

I was happy enough with the pictures I did get for they were far away and I had the camera zoomed all the way in.  Plus the glare off the LCD screen was so bad I couldn't see what I was getting.  
I was just clickin' and hopin'. 


  1. A real unsuspected find. Stil great shots John.

  2. Nice find. I often wonder how much wildlife there is hiding just out of sight.

  3. A very well caught, a rather open space for them to hide. Here they mostly are hidden in the woods.


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