A Traveler and his Cat exploring America.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Day 75

I am at this gathering called Rubber Tramp Rendezvous. It is a get-together of people who like the nomadic lifestyle traveling the roads living out of their tent, car, van, trailer or small RV.  I was aware of it for some time but really had no thought of going until just a few weeks ago.  Since I would be in the area of where it was I figured "why not?"  I had to push myself to do this.  They will have some talks about various aspects of living a simplistic life on the road and one I am particularly interested in will be about solar power.  Anyway I was able to get a nice spot on the outer limits away from all the hub-bub and feel okay.  I am intrigued with those living out of their cars and vans and doing so in a minimalist way.   Even more than that is there are a surprising number of women choosing this lifestyle on their own and not allowing themselves to be intimidated by venturing out by themselves. Pretty neat I say.  It is a ten day long event.   


biebkriebels said...

That is something we don't know here, I think our country is to small to be away from cities, you always see houses everywhere and when there is some nature it is not allowed to camp there.
That amazed me the most of America, the wideness and endless emptiness of landscapes.

John W. Wall said...

I'm curious to know if the long-term nomads use a fixed address of any kind, and make periodic visits. Thinking about mail, driver's license and other reasons, but also someplace to see a dentist, doctor, etc. I lived out of the back of my pickup truck (with camper shell) for a year-and-a-half back in the '80s in Santa Barbara, going to school full time and working part time. It was pretty cool, but I doubt my wife would dig it. :)