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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Day 79

A nearly perfect cube boulder I came across on yesterday's hike.
Yeah, I am easily impressed by the most insignificant of things.

I also came across this U.S Geological Survey marker out in the middle of the desert.  I see these things frequently but this one I think is one of the oldest dated 1915.  Just think, the Great War was raging on in Europe when this was pounded into the ground.

Sunset two nights ago.  

Moonrise last night which is must more impressive to see live.


  1. From the mundane to the sublime in four images - don't let anything slip by unnoticed.

  2. Great shots and I love that survey pin. Must be the marker of a triangle measurement.

  3. Beautiful photos.

    So sad to see Sinbad's photo at the side...I am sorry for your loss.

    I have missed so much. I basically took off last summer cause we had our granddaughter. Then on Aug 2 Roger had a brain bleed and was life lined a hospital over at Indianapolis. He was there from Aug 2 till Aug 19, then to a hospital in Terre Haute for accute rehab from Aug 19 to Sept 9....I blog a little now and then now. He only has therapy one day a week that we have to go to, but I do things with him most days. Getting his speech and thinking back is slow going.

    anyway, so so sorry you lost your buddy.

  4. I thought to go to my blog and see that you dd comment on one of my posts about Roger...sorry for going on and on about it in the prior comment.


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