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Friday, January 20, 2017

Day 85

This is someone's ingenious water heater system. 
Why use your propane when you can get the sun to do the heating for you? 
Don't laugh, that black plastic tubing can get real hot sitting in the sun.  

Although it will not work on a day like today.  There's no sun, its cold, the wind is blowing and there is supposed to be rain later today.  I've learned the winter season here in the desert is unusually cooler this year due to El Nino or La Nina, one of those.  Still it is better than back at home right now.


  1. Very good idea though it certanly won't work here , too dam cold ATM

  2. We've been coming here since 04. That year was one of those 'unusually cold and wet' years, as well. But it made for an amazing spring desert bloom!
    Enjoy my friend....

  3. We used the lawn-hose-lyng-in-the-sun outdoor shower system when we were first building our cabin here.

  4. Make it from copper and you can make your own booze


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