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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Day 86

Yesterday everyone was inside whatever they have taking shelter for the cold, wind and rain.  
I used that time to finish the latest ink drawing.  If I had any idea how difficult this piece would be before starting it, I probably would never have started on it.
Still, having finished the piece there is that sense of accomplishment.  I'll take that.

This one that I did before the above was much more enjoyable to do.

Today though is a glorious day full of sunshine.


  1. The human scale of the drawings makes all the difference. One feel cozy and comforting. The other repellent and ominous. Still both are good drawings.

  2. Amazing! If you can arrange a little sunshine that would be nice!

  3. These are wonderful...I have been wishing I could take the time to go back through your blog and see if I missed any of your art.

  4. That top drawing is fantastic.


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