A Traveler and his Cat exploring America.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Day 96

Today I did just a short hike out from my backyard.  I wanted to explore what was at the base of those cliffs midway up the mountainside in the distance.

There were these little alcoves that would provide shelter, not true caves.  
And there was debris all around from illegal migrants over-nighting in these hollows.

 I was glad I climbed up there for I found the answer to my question regarding those black jugs they use to haul their water in.  Being it was sheltered from the wind, rain and sun, this bottle still had the label on it.  Now I know the bottle comes filled with water and not just sold as empty jugs.  
That is a tin of tuna and a Motorola battery pack to some sort of device.

 This plant is the Cat Claw Bush.  You can see the little curved thorns that look just like a cat's claw.  It is also known as the "wait-a-bit" bush.  When hiking with others and your clothing snags on the plant you will be saying "wait-a-bit" while you try to unhook yourself.  I got caught in this one which prompted the idea to take a photo and tell you about it.  The thorns look big and mean but they are only about a quarter inch long.  Macro photo makes them appear big.

And here is another misshapen saguaro. 


biebkriebels said...

That last photo made me smile, it is like the plant is doing a complicated dance.

Billy Blue Eyes said...

Lots to see & find even in the middle of know where