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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Day 118

A couple weeks back I went to a place I had camped before years ago called Mittry Lake on the Colorado River.  It has individual spots along the river to camp at and as I crawled along the rough washboard road every spot was occupied.  It wasn't looking too good then all of a sudden I came upon a nice spot overlooking the water. 

Behind me was a branch of the lake and then I discovered there was no cellphone service to be had.  This meant no blogging or no nothing on the Internet.  As I ate lunch I thought about it and thought maybe up the road a ways further, so I moved on. Still nothing and no more camp spots.  I couldn't turn around and if I could I wasn't relishing crawling back on that rough road only to find someone took the primo spot.  I crossed the river over into California to go to Senator Wash where again I have been a long time ago.  Well now it is no longer free and there were hoards of people there.  Now what?  I went back out to the highway, turned left and returned to where I was back in December finding it peaceful and quiet once again. 

Its nice to have a plan but always leave room for changes to your plan.
Some patriotic soul swam across and climbed those rocks to plant the Stars and Stripes.

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biebkriebels said...

That flag sign is a real American idea. Is it an old pioneer habit, this is our place? I never see flags here around, only when there is a celebration day and than not everyone does so. We don't even own a flag:)