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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Day 98

I've moved south to a new area just outside of Why, Arizona.  What you see in the distance, a service station, market and community center is about all there is here.  Why, Why?  Well long ago when the residents wanted to be put on a map they had to come up with a name for their "town".  Being it was situated at where Highway 86 branched off towards Tucson from Highway 85, a "Y" in the road, that was good enough.  "Where do you live?"  "At the Y."  Well the state of Arizona had a policy that any town name must have at least three letters to it.  So the founding fathers changed it to Why. 
Since then the Y in the road has been changed to a T in the road for safety reasons.  
No movement has ever been put worth to change the name of the town to "Tea".

Here is a helicopter giving another helicopter a lift.

Last night's sunset.


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